Thursday, August 6, 2015

Summer Swim Team

Most people see the summer as a time for relaxation; however, if you are apart of a summer swim team your summers are the complete opposite.  Although, I wouldn't want to spend my summer any other way.  Being apart of a summer swim team is like having a second family; full of fun and supporting you in whatever you do.  I've been on the Donaldson Run swim team my whole life and I love my team more than anything.  This past summer we were in division two in the NVSL (Northern Virginia Swimming League).  
                                          All of the thunderbolts together at our senior meet.  
 Me, Sarah Brooks and Amanda Tarkenton at the senior meet.  The meet theme was kings and queens; the seniors dressed up like royalty and the rest of us were peasants, thus the brown body paint to look like dirt.
Me and Sarah Brooks.  

                                       Me and Amanda Tarkenton cheering on our team.

For the last two summers I coached the youngest kids on the team (6 and under); the Thundersquad.
I love coaching and passing on the team traditions I experienced when I was younger.  I coach alongside Amanda Tarkenton, Sarah Brooks, Andrew Fleckenstein and Bryan Meade.

Thundersquad coaches minus Sarah Brooks. 
I am wearing a Free People slip dress that is no longer available, and these Michael Kors wedges.

                                 Me and four of my Thundersquad ladies at one of our swim meets.

For our last swim practice Sarah brought her Go Pro so we could take underwater pictures.  

                               Every season I spend with DRRA is better than the last.

Above I am wearing this Joyln Swimwear bikini top.  I love to wear Joyln bikinis when I'm coaching because they stay on well and are cute at the same time.
Sarah is wearing this top and these bottoms.
Amanda is wearing this top.


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