Thursday, August 27, 2015

Scott's Run

Since I have been stuck in Arlington all summer I wanted to write a series of blog posts on staycation ideas for Northern Virginia and D.C.
If you have been on instagram this summer (which if you are under the age of 50 you have) you will have seen dozens of pictures of people standing under the waterfall at Scott's Run.  Scott's Run Nature Preserve is located in Fairfax and is a quick hike, probably 15-20 minutes, that leads to a small waterfall and opening to the potomac river.
Scott's Run is a fun because you can go in the water; however, there are still many rocks so I would wear water shoes, which sadly I forgot to bring.

I wore a triangle jolyn swimwear top in this pattern.  
All the photos above were taken with my Go Pro Hero on my Go Pole, which is a waterproof and floating Go Pro stick.  

Scott's Run Nature Preserve is located at 7400 Georgetown Pike.  

Have fun on your staycation in NOVA! 


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