Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Father's Day

This past Sunday my mom was in New Orleans, and Quinn was at beach week; therefore, it was up to Sean and I to make Father's Day great for our dad.  We relaxed at home for the first half of the day; later in the afternoon we decided to drive into D.C. and explore the monuments.  We looked like tourists taking pictures on the mall, but we didn't care.  After the heat became unbearably hot we drove to Rumors, a bar and restaurant that my dad used to work at.  Then we drove into Old Town to eat some seafood for dinner.

I took these photos of the National Monument.  

                 My dad's idea to do the pose that Sean and most boys do when taking photos.

I was supposed to be touching the top, pretending to prick my finger.  However, I clearly didn't line up myself correctly.  
I wore this Ecote Guaze True Blue Frock Dress in black and white ($59). 
I wore it with this black Free People halter bralette ($39). 
I wore these Erika Ray Bans in tortoise ($115).  
All the photos above were taken by Sean.  
                                            The Lincoln Memorial (photo taken by me).

The National Monument and Reflecting Pool (photo taken by me). 
                                                      Raw Oysters at The Fish Market.
The oysters were delicious, I ordered a lobster roll which was good; however I would not suggest ordering the raw clams.

Obviously I had to snap some pics of my dad with the Father's Day snapchat filters.  

I hope all Fathers had a great day! 

Quinn's Graduation

Last Thursday my older brother, Quinn, graduated from Yorktown High School.  The graduation was held at D.A.R. Constitution Hall.  It was an incredibly hot and exciting day.  I'm so happy for my brother and the other graduates; however, it did not hit me until graduation day how much I am going to miss Quinn.

                                         All the photos above of Quinn were taken by Sean.
                                My family after it had stopped thunder storming at the graduation.
Me and Megan O'Neil at the graduation.  
I wore a Forever 21 maxi dress featured in the Bethany Beach blog post.  

Quinn leaves for school next week because he will be playing Division One football at Towson University.  We are so excited for Quinn and cannot wait to watch him play college ball.  

Congratulations class of 2015! 


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Current Favorites

I am obsessed with this Marc by Marc Jacobs watch I bought last week.  I thought the grey was super fun because I don't know anyone that has it.  The color is also very versatile; however the design is very sleek and simple.  

One of my new favorite places to eat at is Cava.  I went to the grill in Tysons Mall and am officially a fan!  

Jumpsuits are the newest trend I cannot wait to give in to.  I love maxis and rompers, so what is better than both styles in one.  I just ordered this one from Forever 21 (pictured above) because it is only $29, and I can decide whether this new look is for me.  

TV Shows... 

This is really embarrassing, but Rich Kids of Beverly Hills on E! is my newest guilty pleasure.  The people on the show are horrible and don't know what real life is like.   However I love their clothes and they can be really funny, in a horrible spoiled kid way #fabuluxe #rich.  


Monday, June 1, 2015

30 Things About Me

30 Things About Me...

1. My name is Olivia Walsh Cox, and my middle name is my Grandmother's maiden name. 
2. I'm Irish.  
3. Giraffes are my favorite animal.  
4. I have a 6ft. tall blow up Giraffe in my room named Henry (just like Khloe Kardashian).  
5. I hate feet (ugh! gross!).  
6. I love having two brothers, and am usually happy to be the only girl.  
7. I am obsessed with Harry Potter.  
8. I have a shopping addiction.  
9. I am also addicted to Diet Coke (but I'm working on it).  
10. Lana Del Rey is my all time favorite singer.  
11. My favorite show is currently the Walking Dead (and I watch is most nights with my mom). 
12. As much as I love my puppy Bo, my deceased black Lab Belle, will always be my favorite dog.  
13. I can make duck noises.  
14. I have a really long tongue, and can touch my nose with it. 
15. Abraham Lincoln is my favorite president.  
16. I'm a lifeguard and a swim coach. 
17. I hate all types of Breakfast foods, the smell of Breakfast makes my want to throw up.  
18. My pet peeve is hearing people breathe heavily (I know its weird).  
19. I typically cannot sleep in hotels.  
20. Black Fish and Clueless are my all time favorite movies (and of course the Harry Potter series). 
21. I was a twin.  
22. My favorite ice-cream is mint chocolate chip or Talenti Pistachio gelato.  
23. My worst fears are tornados, tsunamis and zombie apocalypse.  
24. I've probably watched the Bling Ring and LOL 20 times (guilty pleasure).  
25. I crave tacos everyday.  
26. I could eat my weight in guac.  
27. I play Field Hockey. 
28. I'm in Latin 4. 
29. I have a horrible singing voice. 
30. However I love to sing along to the radio no matter how bad I am.