Monday, June 1, 2015

30 Things About Me

30 Things About Me...

1. My name is Olivia Walsh Cox, and my middle name is my Grandmother's maiden name. 
2. I'm Irish.  
3. Giraffes are my favorite animal.  
4. I have a 6ft. tall blow up Giraffe in my room named Henry (just like Khloe Kardashian).  
5. I hate feet (ugh! gross!).  
6. I love having two brothers, and am usually happy to be the only girl.  
7. I am obsessed with Harry Potter.  
8. I have a shopping addiction.  
9. I am also addicted to Diet Coke (but I'm working on it).  
10. Lana Del Rey is my all time favorite singer.  
11. My favorite show is currently the Walking Dead (and I watch is most nights with my mom). 
12. As much as I love my puppy Bo, my deceased black Lab Belle, will always be my favorite dog.  
13. I can make duck noises.  
14. I have a really long tongue, and can touch my nose with it. 
15. Abraham Lincoln is my favorite president.  
16. I'm a lifeguard and a swim coach. 
17. I hate all types of Breakfast foods, the smell of Breakfast makes my want to throw up.  
18. My pet peeve is hearing people breathe heavily (I know its weird).  
19. I typically cannot sleep in hotels.  
20. Black Fish and Clueless are my all time favorite movies (and of course the Harry Potter series). 
21. I was a twin.  
22. My favorite ice-cream is mint chocolate chip or Talenti Pistachio gelato.  
23. My worst fears are tornados, tsunamis and zombie apocalypse.  
24. I've probably watched the Bling Ring and LOL 20 times (guilty pleasure).  
25. I crave tacos everyday.  
26. I could eat my weight in guac.  
27. I play Field Hockey. 
28. I'm in Latin 4. 
29. I have a horrible singing voice. 
30. However I love to sing along to the radio no matter how bad I am.  


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