Friday, August 22, 2014

"Open When.." gift for college students

One of my close cousins left this week for her freshmen year of college and I wanted to make a cute gift for her to take with her to school.  A collage is my go to gift for people although this time I thought I would try something different.  I have seen "open when..." gifts all over pinterest and thought I would try to do my own spin off of it.  "Open When" gifts are typically for couples so I decided to change it to fit for a friend.

The idea is to mark each envelope with "open when..." and then write what the person receiving the gift should be feeling at the time they open the envelope.   

I only made a couple envelopes although there are many other options
I used: 
-open when you need money: I put $5 in it (because even $5 can help sometimes) 
-open when you need a laugh: I put a funny picture of us in it (to remind her of all our fun times together) 
-open when you need chocolate: I put a hershey's bar in it (because chocolate always helps) 
-open when you're angry: I put a picture of Ann Hathaway with a "punch here" sign on her face (because sometimes punching Ann Hathaway in the face makes you feel better) 
-open when you're happy: I filled it with confetti (sometimes being happy calls for a celebration and every celebration calls for confetti) 
-open when you aren't feeling anything in particular: I put a chap stick in it (because why not... I always need chap stick) 
-open when you're lonely: I put a picture of myself in it saying to call me (talking to a friend can help) 
-open when you miss home/your family: I put a picture of our family in it and wrote that we miss her just as much as she misses us 

Sealing the envelopes with a pretty ribbon helps present a beautiful package.  

This part is definitely not needed but I had free time and decided to draw on the flap of the envelope to add a pretty effect.  

Its an easy and unique gift to give and the person receiving the gift will love the personal effort. 


Thursday, August 21, 2014

2 Amys


I've been to 2 Amys once before and I can say it has to be one of my all time favorite places for pizza (compared to NYC pizza :)  The pizza is so delicious and unique and I love the overall vibe of the restaurant.  

I obviously had to take a picture with the cute menu because I had freshly painted nails (that doesn't happen that often.... mine are always chipped) 

                                      I have a total weakness for diet coke! 


The pizzas are about medium in size so they would be fine for a single serving or to share.  My mom and I shared an arugula and sausage pizza.... it was absolutely delicious!!!! Although my brothers and dad all created their own masterpiece.  Quinn had a pizza with probably 5 different types on meat on it... typical.  

The boys were not happy that the pizzas were not cut before they were brought to the table and were very difficult to cut on our own.  Therefore, this is Sean's way of eating the pizza easily.  

 address: 3715 Macomb St NW 
             Washington, DC 20016          (202) 885-5700         or         visit their website here  

They unfortunately do not take reservations although I have never had a problem getting a table in a timely manner.  

I'd love to know what your favorite pizza restaurants are, comment below! 


Monday, August 11, 2014

DIY Tassel Garland

Tassels are the newest and cutest trend and I for one am obessessed  with them.  They add a fun texture to an outfit or are a cute decoration to a party's scheme.  I have made tassel garland several times and feel that I have finally mastered how to make them properly.  Below is a step by step instruction on how to make tassel garland.  

1. Take one sheet of tissue paper (I chose pink obviously!) that is completely unfolded 

2. Fold the paper once vertically (like a hotdog) 

3. Fold the paper again horizontally (like a hamburger) 

4. Fold it vertically again (like a hot dog) 

5. Begin to cut medium strips in the paper, make sure to leave about an inch or two from the top

6. Continue to cut into the paper until there are cuts all across the paper 

7. Completely unfold the paper until it is as large as the starting piece of paper 

8. Cut down the middle of the paper (If you want the tassels to be larger you will skip this step and step 9) 

9. Now you will have to equal sized sheets of paper 

10. Begin to roll up the paper starting from one side and finishing when you reach the other

11. Now you will have a tassel that looks like this after rolling up the paper

12. Twist the center  that was left uncut in step 5, forming two sides of the tassel 

13. Fold one side of the tassel over the other and secure with tape 

Mix with other fun colored tassels and hang on a string or ribbon and you are in business! Enjoy