Monday, August 11, 2014

DIY Tassel Garland

Tassels are the newest and cutest trend and I for one am obessessed  with them.  They add a fun texture to an outfit or are a cute decoration to a party's scheme.  I have made tassel garland several times and feel that I have finally mastered how to make them properly.  Below is a step by step instruction on how to make tassel garland.  

1. Take one sheet of tissue paper (I chose pink obviously!) that is completely unfolded 

2. Fold the paper once vertically (like a hotdog) 

3. Fold the paper again horizontally (like a hamburger) 

4. Fold it vertically again (like a hot dog) 

5. Begin to cut medium strips in the paper, make sure to leave about an inch or two from the top

6. Continue to cut into the paper until there are cuts all across the paper 

7. Completely unfold the paper until it is as large as the starting piece of paper 

8. Cut down the middle of the paper (If you want the tassels to be larger you will skip this step and step 9) 

9. Now you will have to equal sized sheets of paper 

10. Begin to roll up the paper starting from one side and finishing when you reach the other

11. Now you will have a tassel that looks like this after rolling up the paper

12. Twist the center  that was left uncut in step 5, forming two sides of the tassel 

13. Fold one side of the tassel over the other and secure with tape 

Mix with other fun colored tassels and hang on a string or ribbon and you are in business! Enjoy  


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