Thursday, July 17, 2014

Weekend Recap

I'm writing about what I did last weekend, although the upcoming weekend is nearing; doesn't seem right, does it?
 Every Saturday morning in July you will find me at a swim meet.  Last Saturday my team, the Donaldson Run Thunderbolts raced Lee Graham.  We won and are now 4-0, which needless to say is very exciting.

Our meet theme was Yacht Club, which started as a joke when I was younger and is now one of the best themes.  (Emily Brooks left and me right). 
I wore this old kids Vineyard Vines shirt (it actually used to be my younger brothers'...oops!) this monogramed hat and an old Lilly Pulitzer skirt.   

Emily Brooks, Ellie Bellios and me, prepped out from head to toe.  

The other teams' theme was "Frat Party," they dressed in togas and put red solo cups and ping pong balls in the pool.  I thought it was hilarious although the parents of the young kids on our team did not.  

Basically every weekend this summer my older brother, Quinn (a raising senior in high school) goes to colleges for football recruitment camps and my dad goes with him.  Therefore, my mom, younger brother and I are left in Arlington.  After the swim meet we decided to drive to Georgetown to shop and explore.  

I always hear people talking about how good the bakery and coffee shop, Baked and Wired is; they did not lie.  This place is a life changer!  The cupcakes and iced lattes were the best I've ever had.  It might be because I live so close to Georgetown Cupcake (literally 5 mins tops) because I don't get the hype over their cupcakes.  They are good but they are not great for the amount of time you have to spend in line to get the cupcake.  

I love individually owned stores, they have so much more character, Baked and Wired was no exception! The people that work there seem to have so much fun and the creative names of the cupcakes show it.  

There were so many different cupcakes to choose from that I couldn't decide what to get so my younger brother, Sean and I both order red velvet cupcakes.  They were so good!!!! I am already craving another.  

I wanted to get a "cute picture" with Sean because I don't seem to have any.  Now I know why... he looks like this in every picture because he doesn't like to have his picture taken.  One of the funniest things is that Sean sorta looks like the viner Nash Grier so many girls will come up to him and ask to take a picture with him because he looks like Nash.  Yet he won't even take one good picture with me....boys! 

I wore these Kate Spade earrings in sea foam green (sadly they don't carry this color anymore) I wore a scalloped crop top from Pac Sun similar to this and these Ray Bans.  

Even though the canal smells bad (as Sean liked to remind us) it does look pretty in the middle of Georgetown.  

Comment below what your favorite bakery is or your favorite places to go in Georgetown.  

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