Saturday, July 5, 2014

Bethany Beach Vacation

I just got back from my family beach vacation for a week at Bethany Beach, DE.  My family (My mom, dad, older brother and younger brother) rented a house with one of my mom's sisters and her family (three girls).  Our house was so close to the beach and a close walk into the downtown (boardwalk) area of the beach.  My mom's other brother and his family always stay in a condo at Sea Colony, resort rentals in Bethany.  My family typically does not vacation with other families so it is always different, yet fun to experience something new.  Also, because I do not have any sisters, this week allowed for me to see what it was like to have sisters, by living with three girls around my age.

The week was so much fun; we went to beach almost every day and laughed almost every second possible.  I love being in the ocean and try to spend every second possible in the water; jumping over the waves, diving through the waves and getting pounded by the crashing waves.  Although, towards the end of the week I found myself laying out on the sand, listening to music and falling asleep to the sound of the crashing waves and the changing tides.  We would stay on the beach practically all day, only going home for a quick lunch break and to reapply sunscreen (my whole family is extremely Irish, so we are all very pale).  At night we would either have dinner at home or go out to eat; although, everything in Bethany is very casual in low key so no one needs to get dressed up at all.

Sea Colony has a sandcastle contest every Thursday on the beach. 

My all time favorite house in Bethany, it reminds me of houses on Nantucket.

My older cousin Mary Farrell (19) on the left and me.  Victoria Secret does not carry the swim suit I am wearing in the picture anymore although, thisthis and this are somewhat similar to my bikini, but are cute alternatives.  

Me and my older cousin Annie Farrell (18) on the right.  
My bikini is shown above and I wore these Ray bans  

My cousin Elizabeth Farrell (15 almost 16) and me 

I definitely prefer diet coke although a nice cold can of coke on the beach is good with me.

So we have discovered that my older brother Quinn on the right is the biggest diva in the family and made us take 20 million pictures because he didn't like any of them 

I wore a maxi from Forever 21 with the same pattern as  this maxi although it has a different neck line  (I could not find the exact maxi that I bought) and old Tory Burch earrings similar to these ones.  

We like to pose if you can't tell

Having brothers means you have to be tough because they are not always nice.   
My cousin Elizabeth on the left was wearing a maxi from this store although they no longer carry her dress.  
On Wednesday July 2nd my older brother Quinn turned 17 years old! Our two families went out to dinner at Bethany Blues, it has the best barbecue I have ever had.  

Quinn (17) on the right and Sean (13) on the left, wearing this t-shirt from Collared Greens.  

Brother and sister bonding over barbecue! I'm wearing this romper from the "For the Love of Lilly" post I did.  

Quinn blowing out his 17 candles on his Carvel ice-cream cake (he loves ice-cream cake) with the entire family.  

For my 15th birthday Elizabeth gave me this monogramed hat.  She then got the same hat for herself to match me.  

Elizabeth and I matched with our hats, Mary and Annie matched their hats and our moms matched monogramed hats as well.  
Me and Annie matching in monogramed hats and black bikinis.  

Me (15), Elizabeth (16), Mary (19), Patricia (21) and Annie (18).  
Almost all the girl cousins in one picture, celebrating the 4th!  

Cox Clan! 
Everyone is decked out in their best patriotic outfits.  

Unfortunately the fireworks were cancelled for the 4th of July in Bethany because the previous bad hurricane  weather.  Therefore, we had to improvise and set off our own fireworks.  

"Baby you're a firework...let your colors burst" 

"On a scale of 1 to America, how free are you tonight?" 

I celebrated the 4th of July the best way possible, with my favorite ice-cream flavor, Mint Chocolate Chip.  

I had such a fun vacation and a great 4th of July.  
Share your favorite places to vacation, your own favorite places in Bethany or how you celebrated the 4th of July, I would love to know! 

Also, posts about my favorite places in Bethany and Rehobeth to come!!!


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