Sunday, May 31, 2015

WMZQ Fest Outfits

Next weekend on Saturday, June 6th at Jiffy Lube Live is the WMZQ Fest.  I went last year and it was so much fun and can't wait to go again.  Lady Antebellum, Sam Hunt, and Hunter Hayes will be performing.  Although the concert is only a week away I'm sure many people still do not know what they will be wearing.  Below I've put together some outfit options.
                                          Me and my brother Quinn at last years WMZQ Fest.
                                          I wore a Free People slip similar to  this .

                                           Free People: 
I was going to wear the same Free People Slip in white last year; however decided I liked the printed one above more.  However I still love this white slip.  ($88) 
I also love the dress in this antique rose print (also $88).  
This  seamless slip is perfect to wear under the trapeze dresses pictured above, and comes in many different colors ($30).  
I also love this Easy Livin Slip in Copper; however it comes in four other colors (firecracker red, black, light periwinkle and alabaster) ($98).  

What I'm Wearing.....
I am wearing this Embroidered Baby Doll Slip in Aubergine Combo ($98).  
The dress comes in seven other colors, I also love the Snow White pictured above.  
If purchasing this dress I would order a size down because it is loose and the straps run long and are not adjustable.  
This  Honey Textured Tube tope comes in fourteen different colors and looks great with high waisted shorts ($38). 

Urban Outfitters: 

 I love these high waisted shorts which would look great with a crop top or a top tucked into them ($54). 
This  red and white striped crop top is super cute and patriotic, it even has a cute tie in the back ($29). 
This black and white striped crop top is also a cute option, I love the halter style ($24). 

Forever 21:

This Paisley Y-Back Cami Dress would look really good with cowgirl boots ($19).  
I love this Crocheted Off-the-Shoulder black dress ($22.90).  
This  Floral Embroidered Cami Dress comes in two colors and is a great light weight dress for hot summer days ($22.90). 

I hope these outfit options for WMZQ Fest helped and will maybe see some of you there.  

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

Last weekend my family went to our friend's beautiful beach house in Dewey Beach Delaware.  We have been going to their beach house for Memorial Day Weekend for the last fourteen years.

                                                   The view of the ocean from the deck.
                                                  The weekend was so fun and relaxing.

My dad, brother Sean and I made the trip Friday morning at 5 am.  So when we reached the beach we obviously had to get Fractured Prune doughnuts.   

Last year my brother Quinn made a bon fire and has decided to make it a tradition for every year.  
Every trip to the beach requires soft serve ice-cream.  
Although it wasn't warm enough to go into the water, I still managed to get burnt lying on the beach.  
My younger brother Sean has been wanting to get Ray Ban Clubmasters for years.  We went to the Sunglass Hut outlet and I decided to buy the Erika Ray Bans.  

Above I'm wearing this Free People bralette and  this white tank top.  

I also bought two bikini bottoms and one top from the Pacsun outlet.  
Of course we had to get Fractured Prune doughnuts again, I highly recommend if you are visiting any Delaware Beach this summer.  
My dad brought everyone cuban sandwiches from Sharkys  a great sandwich shop in Dewey.   
Diet Coke on the beach, this must be the life.  
An after church Cracker Barrel brunch was needed; although our table did not have enough space for all the food we ordered....oops.

I love long weekends at the beach and hope everyone else had a great Memorial Day Weekend.  

Monday, May 18, 2015


Two weekends ago  four of my friends and I went to Nashville for the weekend.  I had only been to Nashville once and it was years ago, so it was so great to experience the country music capital with my friends.  

The city through my sunglasses (photo taken by Carly Grand).  
Pre-flight coffees and smoothies.  
Emily and her mom, Michelle, took me, Maddie, Anna, Carly and her mom Paige.  
Happy to have landed in the country music capital.  
Johnny Cash Museum in downtown Nashville.  
Rustic decor in the Tin Roof, a bar and restaurant.  
Downtown Nashville, which is filled with bars, country music bands, restaurants, and a lot of boot stores.  

If you can't tell, downtown Nashville is filled with many boot stores.  
View of the river and Titans' stadium from the rooftop of Acme Feed and Seed.  
My Aunt Sherin, who lives in Nashville, recommended Acme for lunch or dinner and it did not disappoint.  You order food on the main floor, and can either eat there or on the second or third floor.  The first floor has a bar, a lot of seating, and live music.  The second floor has more seating options including couches.  The rooftop has a bar, outdoor seating, and a great view of the city (pictured above).  The food was delicious, and the website is attached here.  
Maddie M., Emily C., Carly G., Anna B., and me on the Acme Feed and Seed.  
Saturday afternoon we shopped around downtown, and listened to amazing live music in different venues.  

Saturday night we went to the Grand Ole Opry, before we grabbed sushi at the beautiful Gaylord Hotel .  
The Gaylord Hotel.  
Anna B., Emily C., Carly G., me and Maddie M. before seeing Hunter Hayes at the Grand Ole Opry, all decked out in dresses and cowgirl boots.  

After the concert we wandered around downtown.  If we had a dollar for every time we saw a bachelorette party we would be very rich.  

Sunday we explored the neighborhoods of Hillsboro and the Gulch.  Pictured above is the boutique E. Allen, which had more expensive clothes and accessories.  My favorite boutique was Blush, which had more inexpensive and stylish options.  Both these boutiques were located in the Gulch.   I bought the cutest romper, which I cannot wait to wear, and a beautiful necklace for my mom.  

 Then we visited the Parthenon, which was recreated in Nashville, TN.  Although we could not go inside the monument because it was Sunday.  
Obviously we had to go see Vanderbilt University, maybe just for the Snapchat filter or to admire the beautiful school.  
We also went to  Hillsboro, which is filled with the cutest boutiques and restaurants.  Pangea, an eclectic shop which sells trendy clothes, including Free People and other brands.  The store also carries fun jewelry, gifts and home accessories.  
We also had to step into the famous Nashville Goo Goo Clusters Store.  Their candy bars are delicious so we all had to buy boxes to bring home to our families.  

Then we walked across a bridge to look at the river and admire the city.  
 I've known these girls since Elementary School (Arlington Science Focus School) and we are all still best friends.  

While they're taking a cute picture, I'm reenacting the Lizzie McGuire Movie when she makes a wish by throwing a penny in the fountain and becomes an international superstar...I wish.  

 We had to take a picture next to this sign, "we love moms" as it was Mother's Day and I missed my Momma.  
 This was taken before our 6 am Monday morning flight.  When we got to school we all looked like the walking dead because we had been awake since 4 in the morning.

I had an amazing weekend with my friends, in a great city.  Below are some other recommendations not to miss on your next trip to Nashville.

The Pancake Pantry - which is a popular Sunday brunch spot, however it tends to be very crowded.
San Antonio Taco - another popular restaurant, recommended by my Aunt.
Mike's Ice-Cream - had the best Blueberry Cheesecake Ice-cream, and looks like an old fashioned ice-cream shop.
Hot and Cold - a coffee and ice-cream shop.  Which had the best homemade popsicles, I recommend the chai popsicle.