Friday, August 22, 2014

"Open When.." gift for college students

One of my close cousins left this week for her freshmen year of college and I wanted to make a cute gift for her to take with her to school.  A collage is my go to gift for people although this time I thought I would try something different.  I have seen "open when..." gifts all over pinterest and thought I would try to do my own spin off of it.  "Open When" gifts are typically for couples so I decided to change it to fit for a friend.

The idea is to mark each envelope with "open when..." and then write what the person receiving the gift should be feeling at the time they open the envelope.   

I only made a couple envelopes although there are many other options
I used: 
-open when you need money: I put $5 in it (because even $5 can help sometimes) 
-open when you need a laugh: I put a funny picture of us in it (to remind her of all our fun times together) 
-open when you need chocolate: I put a hershey's bar in it (because chocolate always helps) 
-open when you're angry: I put a picture of Ann Hathaway with a "punch here" sign on her face (because sometimes punching Ann Hathaway in the face makes you feel better) 
-open when you're happy: I filled it with confetti (sometimes being happy calls for a celebration and every celebration calls for confetti) 
-open when you aren't feeling anything in particular: I put a chap stick in it (because why not... I always need chap stick) 
-open when you're lonely: I put a picture of myself in it saying to call me (talking to a friend can help) 
-open when you miss home/your family: I put a picture of our family in it and wrote that we miss her just as much as she misses us 

Sealing the envelopes with a pretty ribbon helps present a beautiful package.  

This part is definitely not needed but I had free time and decided to draw on the flap of the envelope to add a pretty effect.  

Its an easy and unique gift to give and the person receiving the gift will love the personal effort. 


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  1. LOVED these! You are a sweet cousin and creative genius. xxoo