Saturday, October 11, 2014

Meet Bo!

Belle, the dog that my family had since I was little passed away last May.  Her passing nearly killed my family because she was a huge part of the family and we loved her so much.  Belle was the best dog ever, although I am totally biased.  Belle was a black lab and was the sweetest girl ever.  Therefore, my family couldn't think about getting a new dog anytime soon because we couldn't replace Belle.

Two months ago my mom and I were out to lunch in Sherlington and decided to go look in the animal shelter.  Fast forward 20 minutes, we found the most adorable puppy and had to have him in a matter of minutes.  Long story short the whole family was at the shelter  within a couple hours and we brought him home the next day.

Meet Bo! 

He is a Black mouth Cur and the cutest puppy ever! 

oops I sometimes let him sleep in my bed 

my older brother Quinn and Bo

                                           How cute is he? He loves sleeping under this ottoman
My parents tried to sneak Bo into my field hockey game.... but they got kicked out 

....he is pretty cute in a bag 

This was Bo's first night home 

Bo with one of his brothers (we were gonna adopt both, although thought one was enough.... we were right!) 

Sean holding little Bo!

I love my new puppy (he is not so little anymore, he is 25 lbs now) he could never replace Belle, although he has his own place in our family.  I don't remember having a puppy because I was so little when we got Belle so being able to experience Bo as a puppy is so much fun.  Although the bite marks on my arms would show otherwise.  


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