Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend at Bryce

Hope everyone had another fun summer weekend.

 Since my brother left for college at the very beginning of the summer my family didn't want to take a vacation without him; however, that has left the rest of us bored in Arlington all summer.  This past weekend my family were lucky enough to stay at my Aunt and Uncle's mountain cabin at Bryce Ski Resort.  My mom's whole side of the family goes to Bryce every year to ski over Christmas break, and occasionally for a reunion in the summer.  In the summer there is a man made lake, Lake Laura, and there are plenty of hikes, zip-lining, and mountain biking to keep you busy.  However, the lake was being drained to do repairs so we were not able to relax in the dark water.  Although, we still had an amazing weekend in the woods!

 Car ride polaroids.  
Bo slept on my lap the whole way home.  
 The ride to Bryce is always nice because of the rolling hills and farmland.  
Fun Fact: my grandparents bought a farmhouse here to turn it into a bed and breakfast; however, then sold it shortly after and went to Europe, only leaving a note to tell my mom.  

 Bo and a Go Pro.  

We went on the North Mountain hike near Shrine Mount; however,  at the time we did not realize that the hike would be extremely steep and covered in rocks the entire way up (about a 3 to 5 hour hike).  Above are pictures and a video at this huge outcrop of rocks from the mountain.  

After the hot and exhausting hike we headed over to the pool to relax and cool off.  
I wore this Jolyn Swimwear top and old Victoria Secret bikini bottoms.   

 Enjoy this video of me swimming under water! 

On Sunday we went zip lining which was so much fun.  I took videos on my go pro but they are too long to import into blogger so here  is the link to the first video and here is the link to the second   zip-lining video.  


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