Wednesday, November 26, 2014

DIY Pilgrim Hat Desserts

My mom has made Pilgrim Hats every year for Thanksgiving since I can remember.  She would even bring them into me and my brother's classes at school; It was the highlight of everyone's November.  Here are the steps to make these adorable Pilgrim Hats, that will become a Thanksgiving staple just like it is in my house.
Here are the adorable hats 

You will need... 
-chocolate chips (or any chocolate you want to melt)
 -Fudge Stripes cookies (either regular or we used dark chocolate)
-marshmallows and icing (preferably yellow)

-a cookie sheet, covered with foil 
-a fork or spoon 
-a microwave safe container 

Step 1: 
fill the cookie sheet with the cookies, facing chocolate side up 

Step 2:

Fill the container with chocolate chips and put in the microwave for 2 minutes

Stir the chocolate until it is completely melted 

Step 3:
Dip a marshmallow into the chocolate to completely cover the marshmallow

Step 4:
Place the marshmallow on top of the cookie 

And ta-da you have a pilgrim hat.  Typically I would add a belt and buckle onto the hat with icing; however, the icing was not working well today.  

WARNING: it is extremely messy so have a lot of paper towels on hand 

Its also a lot of fun to have an assistant as cute as this one 

Happy baking and Happy Thanksgiving 


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