Tuesday, February 10, 2015

16 Things Learned by Age 16

As it may not be obvious from the title, today is my sixteenth birthday (wahooooooooooo!!!!!).  Every year my family goes over the best and worst parts about the year.  I wanted to share the sixteen things I've learned by age sixteen.

1. High School is not forever (no matter how much it feels like it is).  Don't change yourself to fit it.
2. Don't do things that don't make you happy (easier said than done).
3. (part two of part one) don't do things just for college applications (yes.  Everyone is at fault of this).
4. Be passionate about what you care about, and don't feel bad about it.
5. Take a second to remember tomorrow can always be better.
6. Appreciate the little things in everyday life.
7. Go outside of your comfort zone, you will benefit from it (or realize you shouldn't go out of your comfort zone again).
8. Ice-cream always helps.
9. Being nice to people will never be a long term problem (as much as you want to be rude to a lot of the students at your school), in the end you will be thankful you have a soul.
10. Throw yourself into everything you want to do.
11. Its better to be over excited about things than act like you don't care.
12. Wear pretty clothes and makeup or sweatpants if it makes YOU feel good.  Other people's opinions only matter, if you make them.
13. If you have confidence you can conquer anything.  
14. Eat a cupcake, it won't kill you (directed at majority of high school girls.  Yes you too)
15. Be a voice, not an echo.  I find it better to be bossy than to be a follower.
16. Don't point out your own flaws, too many people listen because they're curious, not because they care.

Now that I'm a year older, "I feel a year wiser" (not really)


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