Monday, November 10, 2014

Spirit Day Ideas

If you don't go to Yorktown you would not understand the level our girls sports (especially Field Hockey) take spirit days to.  If your high school sports do not dress up for spirit days on the day of their game then you are really missing out.  Spirit days are so much fun because its a great for team bonding and its a good excuse to not have to plan a cute for that day and makes for awesome Instagram opportunities (sorry if YHS fockey took over your feed... not sorry).  

The spirit days we use for field hockey require no expense because you will most likely have everything you need already at home.  Which is why these diy costumes/spirit day ideas are great for halloween, costume parties or other school spirited days.  

1. 80's Workout Day 

I call this one Olivia Cox or Olivia Newton John 

Pictured with Maddie MacNamee on the far left and Carly Grand on the far right 

strike a pose 

"Whats an 80's workout pose?" 
let me demonstrate 

In order to easily pull off your best 80's workout outfit all you need is colorful tights, bright colored and crazy patterned spandex, leg warmers, a leotard or off the shoulder top or diy t-shirt crop top and a high pony to top it off.  

I wore white low top converse, blue and black striped leg warmers that I found in my closet, red tights from an old halloween costume, tie dye spandex, a turquoise sugar lips tank top, a silk striped pajama shirt and a green gingham Lululemon headband.  

2. Farm Animal Day 

Its called cow tipping 


I was a cow and Maddi Reicherter to my left was a sheep dog

Maddie McNamee the chicken was afraid of my "Eat more chicken" t-shirt 

Gigi Richardson, me and Solongo Bayarmaa
The Moo Squad 

In order to pull off my look for Farm Animal day as a cow would be to wear white converse, white mid calfs,  white shorts, diy a old white t-shirt by drawing cow spots on it with black sharpie.  I also made a cow bell out of paper and ribbon and put it around my neck, finish off the outfit by putting your hair in two b*tch buns (Miley Cyrus buns) and tying them white ribbons.  

There are many different easy to pull off farm animal costumes; including, pigs, which consisted of a lot of pink, a tuttu (I don't know why) and pig ears.  There were a couple sheep and one chicken.  

3. Barbie Day 

Me, Claire Kuwana dressed as Barbie's little sister kelly and Meghan O'Donell 

Me and Solongo Bayarmaa 

Gigi Richardson and me 

Maddie McNamee and I striking our sassiest barbie poses 

"I'm a Barbie girl in a Barbie world!" 

I wore a neon pink mini tight mini skirt that I borrowed from Maddi Reicherter, you can most likely find a cheap pink skirt at forever 21 or H&M.  I wore a bright light pink sugar lips tank top and taped the Barbie logo that I printed out on my shirt.  I added a pink hairband and big earrings to finish the classic Barbie look off.  

The varsity team wore different themed barbie outfits; including, ballerina barbie, chef barbie, police barbie, etc. 

4. Do it for America Day 

Here is a cute picture of my dog, Bo and I on America Day 

I kinda forgot to take pictures that day; however I wore the same America outfit in the Friday Night Lights post.  Although, I painted my face to look like the American Flag and put my hair in b*tch buns.  

Share your favorite spirit days below. 

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