Friday, June 6, 2014

For the love of Lilly

One of my best friends, Emily celebrated her 15th birthday in May by having a bunch of our friends over to her house for a Lilly Pulitzer tea party.  Everyone came dressed in Lilly or sundresses and lounged in the sun while drinking pink lemonade.  I love when my friends and I do things that are different from our typical hang outs; days like this one are a fun change from the usual routine.  What is better than wearing Lilly when enjoying a spring day.

On the left is one of my best friends and birthday girl, Emily Calvert and I am on the right

Me with one of my closest friend's Anna Beatrice.  Ignore my slouching (I'm 5'7 and look like a giant next to all of my friends 

Another one of my best friends, Carly Grand.  The perfect way to celebrate any Lilly Pulitzer party is to ditch the shoes and act like the barefoot queen of pink and green herself.  

On the left is the world's sweetest girl and my close friend, Rebecca Brown.  (Finally someone tall enough to take a  normal looking picture with!) 

My best friends since Elementary School. (From Left, me, Anna Beatrice, Emily Calvert and Carly Grand) 

From left Emily Calvert, Laura Koskinen, Megan O'neil  and me (Olivia Cox).  Otherwise known as "ELMO"

So much Lilly Pulitzer so little time! 
From left, Caroline Fatemi, me (Olivia Cox), Rebecca Brown, Maddi Reicherter and Laura Koskinen.  

(from left) Megna O'neil, Abby Hendricks, Maddie McNamee, Olivia Zavrel, Anna Beatrice, me (Olivia Cox), Maddi Reicherter, Laura Koskinen, Emily Calvert, Caroline Fatemi, Allison Loranger, Rebecca Brown and Carly Grand. 

When in Rome....more like when wearing Lilly, sorority squat! 

Twin Pic! (Emily and I have been "twins" for twin day at school since 6th grade)

I wore this romper   and Emily (pictured above) wore this dress .  I am absolutely in love with this romper, I was trying to decide between this romper and a dress from Lilly but went with the romper, and boy did I choose right!  I will get so much more wear out of a romper than a dress, which is worth spending my money on anything from Lilly Pulitzer.  

What are your favorite new looks from Lilly Pulitzer? and what are you doing in your Lilly? 

"Life is a party, dress like it!"-Lilly Pulitzer
I don't think Lilly could have said it any better 


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