Thursday, February 11, 2016

Year 16

Yesterday I celebrated my 17th birthday.  When I think of the age 17 it sounds so old; soon I will be applying to colleges, a legal adult, and it just three years I will have ended my time as a teenager.   It amazes me how fast the years go by,  each one blurs together in time.  I want to be able to  distinguish each year and remember the events that make up those 365 days of my life.

Here are some of the events of my year as 16...

I got my drivers license!  I believe that getting your license is the first thing most people think of when hearing about age 16.  I love having the independence from my parents and being able to go where and when I want, for the most part.

I became a lifeguard!  I went through a long training process with the American Red Cross and became certified in CPR and other life saving strategies.  I worked at my neighborhood pool almost everyday this summer, and I had the tan lines and sunburns to prove it.   For some reason my dad  snapped this photo of me on stand.

I also spent my second summer as a swim coach.  I coach the youngest kids on the team, ages 5-6, called the Thundersquad.  It is great to be able to share my love for the team and the sport with the newest members of the team.


I also spent my 11th summer on the swim team.  Although I stopped swimming competitively year round before high school, I still love to be on my summer team.  Our pool is a family and I couldn't imagine spending my summer anywhere else.

               The whole team pictured above.  I am on the very far right in a white t-shirt.

My Mom's side of the family had the first grandchild's wedding.  My oldest cousin, Allen, married his long time girlfriend, Jess.  It was such a wonderful celebration and made everyone thrilled for the more weddings we will have to come (I down, 16 to go).

I went to Nashville with my friends for Emily's birthday.  It was so fun to be able to explore the country music capital together.

My family returned to our favorite vacation spot for the third time, Bald Head Island.  However, it was our puppy Bo's first time on the island.  Watching him bark at waves and run on the beach was the highlight of the trip.

My brother, Quinn, graduated from high school.  He also started his freshman year playing football at Towson University.

I cut my hair really short.  It was a constant love-hate relationship.

I had two surgeries within less than a month of each other.  Before Thanksgiving I had my wisdom teeth taken out.  It was bad but nothing compared to what came next.  The week before Christmas break I had my tonsils taken out.  I had never experienced so much pain.  I was in bed for two weeks straight, watched a lot of Netflix, and lost about 10 lbs.  The experiences were awful but I don't ever have to deal with them again.

Pre and post tonsillectomy.

We experienced the biggest blizzard to date.  Winter storm Jonas, accumulated over two feet of snow, giving us over a week off school.

During the snow storm I was able to officially meet my neighbor for the first time, Marcin Gortat, the center for the Wizards.  My brother, dad and I helped him shovel his driveway.

Every moment not mentioned above was spent with my best friend, Megan.  We do pretty much everything together.  She is what made my year incredible.

  I would like to thank everyone that made my year amazing.  I cannot wait to see what age 17 has in store for me.


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